Window & Door Restoration

Historic window and door restorations are among the most popular investments made by owners of historic properties. Unlike modern replacement windows carrying a ten or twenty year warranty, historic windows have already been in service for decades. Unlike replacement windows, that need to be replaced when their service life has passed, historic windows are easily restored and repaired by skilled craftspeople.

Historic wood windows were built with superior craftsmanship and with superior materials. The old growth wood used is harder and more rot resistant than softer, modern lumber– you’d have to have windows made of mahogany to replicate this today! Studies have also shown that restored wood windows outfitted with a storm window meet or exceed the energy efficiency of replacement windows. For all of these reasons, if you are applying for historic tax credits, restoring historic windows is a great decision for saving historic fabric.

You can find additional information about good reasons to restore rather than replace your historic windows here:

Centennial Preservation’s craftspeople are experienced and skilled in restoring historic wood windows and doors and are excited to help you restore your historic windows and doors.

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