Masonry Patching - Stone, Brick, Concrete

Just as in tuckpointing and other areas of historic preservation and restoration, in addition to expertise and craftsmanship, it is critical to choose compatible materials, stone and brick patching is no different. Centennial Preservation group has craftsmen specially trained in the use of proprietary materials to create beautiful and long lasting brick and stone patches. The all natural materials we use are specially formulated to match the physical characteristics of the material being repaired. Like lime mortar, vapor permeability is one essential characteristic. Repair materials that contain synthetic modifiers and bonding agents form a vapor barrier at the interface of the patch and the original material. Since masonry always contains moisture trying to get out, water congregates below the patch and eventually, due to hydraulic pressure or freezing, the patch will pop off.

We can patch ornaments, architectural stone, concrete, and even statuary and monuments. Please call us for all of your masonry patching needs.

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