Terra-cotta Repair

Glazed architectural terra-cotta was significant in the development of important architectural idioms in this country--specifically, the "Chicago School," the High Rise and the Historic or Beaux Arts styles. In fact, glazed architectural terra-cotta is one of the most prevalent masonry building materials found in the urban environment today. Popular between the late 19th century and the 1930s, glazed architectural terra-cotta offered a modular, varied and relatively inexpensive approach to wall and floor construction. It was particularly adaptable to vigorous and rich ornamental detailing. However, with changing vogues in materials and architectural styles and rising production costs, glazed architectural terra-cotta fell into disfavor and disuse by the mid 20th century.

Today, information on the maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement of glazed architectural terra-cotta is limited, as are sources of new glazed architectural terra-cotta.

-Quoted from Preservation Brief #7

Terra-cotta is subject to a number of causes of deterioration. It is important therefore to choose a preservation contractor who can accurately evaluate the reason for terra-cotta deterioration and skillfully repair it. Our craftspeople are skilled at both and use proprietary materials and expert craftsmanship to skillfully make “invisible” repairs. Additionally, we have resources and the wherewithal to create reproductions as needed.

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